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“There Is No Future in Oil”

A Simple Campaign
to Prepare for a Difficult Transition

This is a grassroots campaign to send out a simple message to the world: “There is no future in oil.”


The strategy is simple. Repeat this simple message over and over again. Have more and more people repeat it. If people hear it enough, they will believe it is true. Results will follow.

Where do I share it?

Facebook it, tweet it, put it in your email signature. Put it on your blog. Send it to your friends. Text it. Point people to this website.

Is this really enough?

This will be only one of many strategies to solve a difficult problem. The repetition of this message will till the ground for making both the short-term and long-term changes necessary to move beyond oil. It won’t be easy and it won’t be quick. But we must start now to prepare for this certain reality: at some point or another in the not too distant future, oil will no longer be available.

Who started this?

This simple campaign was started by Phil Porter of Oakland, CA. Phil was preparing to preach on the subject of the Gulf Oil Spill at First Congregational Church of Berkeley, United Church of Christ, on June 27, 2010. In the process, he realized that perhaps one response to the devastating crisis in the Gulf, was to look at the long-term. Although he isn’t an energy expert, he believes as many do that the oil is either going to run out, disrupt the climate or despoil the land and water. There is no future in oil.

Phil believes that in order to make a point widely, it must be simple. That is why he is calling himself and others to repeat these words over and over: “There is no future in oil.”

This campaign will grow as will this and other online resources (including a Facebook page and a Blog). Don’t let that stop you from beginning right now to repeat these words: “There is no future in oil.”

If you want to help out, email Phil with your ideas or to get some from him.

What to do

If you believe these words are true, share them however you can:

“There is no future in oil.”

Repeat as needed.

Get others to do the same.

Email Phil to offer your help.


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